All About RGB Gaming Setup You Need to Know


RGB lighting is a cool way to add some colors to your gaming setup. And while it’s easy to buy a bunch of different RGB products, it requires a little finesse to create a truly awesome looking setup.
Below we have covered the various ways you can illuminate your PC build and gaming environment, and how to bring all those colors together tastefully.

What is RGB?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue color which if combined produce over 16 million different colors. If we talk about gaming setup, RGB refers to the ever-expanding selection of products that have these customizable LEDs.

Things You Need To Know

Before Buying RGB Products
In order to pursue your goal to build a cool setup with RGB lighting, you can use parts which work independently or you can use parts which work under an ecosystem. Some brands have partnered up with others to create “ecosystems” of RGB products that work well together. While there’s no single best RGB ecosystem or brand yet that can cover all products, you can make your life a lot easier by trying various combinations and select a few.


When it comes to building and upgrading your PC, there are countless RGB computer parts you can buy. In this guide we’ll take a glance at the various available parts and options to create your own RGB PC Gaming Setup that stands out from the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look at the Basic Fundamental parts that can add to your Setup-


Owning RGB computer parts doesn’t really make sense if they end up hidden inside your computer case, when you are building your RGB setup, the first thing to consider is a case that has the ability to showcase the inside parts on it. You can think of your computer case as the foundation for the style you’re trying to achieve.


RGB case fans are nothing new but the latest versions are on a whole another level. Today’s RGB fans attract a lot of attention, and because you can install so many of them in a single computer case, they can easily be the most noticeable RGB computer part in your setup and will definitely make your setup look cooler.


If you’re building a gaming PC from scratch, you may want to consider purchasing an RGB motherboard. These motherboards produce their own lights and have RGB headers (connection points) that make it easier to control other lighting accessories connected.
If you’re only looking to upgrade your build with RGB and don’t want to replace your motherboard, don’t sweat it — you don’t need to. Most RGB computer parts come with their own controllers/hubs that can connect to your existing motherboard.


RAM has traditionally been an understated and purely functional part of a PC build, but RGB RAM sticks are quite the opposite. When you fill all four of your RAM slots with RGB sticks, you get distinct glowing stripes on your motherboard.


Whether you prefer a water-cooled or air-cooled solution for your build, you have plenty of RGB products to choose from. We won’t debate liquid cooling vs. air cooling in terms of performance here, but we’ll discuss how the two different products tend to differ aesthetically.
The main visual factor to consider is their size. Because of how they work, CPU air coolers tend to take up a lot more space on your motherboard. On one hand, this means more lighting real estate to work with. On the other, its large size often blocks the visibility of other components like your RAM.



If you couldn’t care less about subtlety, forget the cable combs and go with fully light-up cables.


If the timing isn’t right to upgrade any of your computer parts, LED strips are an easy add-on. All it takes is sticking a few LED strips to the inside of your case and at the back of your table top.


Following are the computer parts that definitely add a punch to your RGB gaming setup-


The tricky thing with RGB products is they make it way too easy to go full rainbow mode, and that’s what many people end up sticking with. Full rainbow is cool, but your gaming setup can look even better if you just experiment a little. Try out some of these ideas to start.

• Pick A Single Color

Sometimes, picking a single color to accentuate your setup is all you need. A few RGB products set to the same color can go a long way.

Starting with this strategy might save you money too, as you can always buy more RGB later.

• Pick A Color Scheme

If you’re not about that subtle life, by all means, go hard. But it’s important you pick a PC color scheme that doesn’t clash and then commit to it.

See how every single source of light is set to either pink or blue? Throwing some green or other random colors in there would ruin it.

• Pick The Best Looking Wallpaper

Can’t decide on a color scheme? Pick a desktop background you like and use those colors. The best gaming setups usually match their lights with their wallpaper anyways. Why not start there?

At the end of the day, you can change your RGB lighting colors as many times as you want. And that’s half the fun anyway.

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