How to Choose the Best Gaming Mousepad in India?

For all the gamers out there who are tired of losing a game just because their mouse did not behave well? But is it even its fault? Here’s how you can solve this problem.

Using a mousepad will be the best decision for improving your gaming experience. Gamers often ignore the need for a mousepad especially when playing First person shooting games. They think it is not as important because the surface of their table just works fine for them, which is not true entirely. Getting the right mousepad will change your entire gaming experience and you will never regret buying it.

There are specially designed mousepads out there for gamers. Mousepad is an important accessory because it provides a smooth surface and helps in precise aiming. It helps you for uninterrupted movement which means you do not have to pick up your mouse to bring it to a comfortable position every time it is about to get off. The surface of the mousepad is smooth and even which makes it easier for the mouse and your hand to slide on it easily. The better your surface is for using the mouse the better your gaming performance will be.

Recent Development in Indian PC Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has seen a jump in these previous years. How many of you remember hearing gamers being talked about? They were thought to be some spoiled kids who only wanted to play. But little did these people know that these kids will play such a large part in the Indian economy in the future. Gaming is not only entertainment anymore. Gamers are taking part in online gaming championships which is streamed online and millions of enthusiast gamers watch these professional players play and learn from them. The everyday gaming industry is growing and it is growing FAST.

We can also see a spike in the numbers of female gamers out there. PC gaming has become a community in India which is bringing people closer and helping them to interact with each other more often and easily. 

Role of mousepad in PC Gaming

There are specially designed mousepads or PC gamers. The mousepads are basically designed while keeping 2 important factors in mind-


They are designed for gaining speed for movement and giving precision for better aiming in first person shooting games (mainly). A mousepad also protects the mouse from getting damaged at the bottom due to multiple sliding and dragging actions used while playing games. Sliding it on wood, glass, metal, etc can decrease its lifespan. The inside of your mouse will be protected if you used a mouse pad. A mousepad collects less dirt and other impurities from the environment compared to plain desks. If you buy a high end gaming mouse and do not use a mousepad then what does it benefit?

Types of Mousepads

There is a mousepad for every need. Analyze your requirements wisely and choose the best one according to your need

Following are the various kinds of mousepads available to choose from-

Built Material

  • Soft Cloth– A soft cloth mousepad adds more friction to your mouse movement, which helps in highly precise aiming.
  • Hard cloth– A hard material mousepad reduces friction to your mouse movement which ultimately results in more variation in movement while playing games.


  • Small- A small mousepad can be used when you have little space on your setup and you preferably play games other than shooting.
  • Large- A large mousepad can be used when you have more space on your setup and you preferably play games which require more mouse movement such as online shooting games.
  • X-Large- An Extra large mousepad can be used when you have a dedicated gaming setup and you want both your keyboard and mouse to fit on the mousepad.


For adding that touch of cool effects to your setup and sync your entire gaming setup you can definitely go for an RGB GAMING MOUSEPAD. It will make your setup cool while performing the basic functions of a mousepad.


Last but not the least also consider the budget you have for buying a mousepad as there are a number of brands selling mousepads out there. While making a gaming setup do not forget to make a count of the mousepad of your choice.

With the above pointers, we hope that you make an informed decision while purchasing a mousepad. A gamer would like to invest in a gaming accessory which offers the best features and also does not feel heavy on his/her pocket. Make sure to do a thorough market research and avail the best product at the best price.

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